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Holly (Spanish Edition) Paperback

Holly (Spanish Edition) Paperback

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About Holly (Spanish Edition)

La nueva novela del Rey del Terror recuerda a joyas como Misery y cuenta con un personaje muy querido por sus fans: Holly Gibney, la detective privada que, por primera vez, protagoniza una novela en solitario.

Incluido en los libros de ficción notables del New York Times de 2023

Cuando Penny Dahl contacta con Finders Keepers para que la ayuden a encontrar a su hija, algo en la voz desesperada de la mujer hace que Holly Gibney se vea obligada a aceptar el trabajo.

A poca distancia del lugar en el que Bonnie Dahl desapareció, viven los profesores Rodney y Emily Harris. Son la quintaesencia de la respetabilidad burguesa: un matrimonio octogenario y dedicado de académicos semiretirados. Nadie diría que, en el sótano de su impecable casa forrada de libros, esconden un secreto directamente relacionado con la desaparición de Bonnie.

Son astutos, pacientes y despiadados, y obligarán a Holly a emplear sus habilidades al máximo y a arriesgarlo todo si quiere cerrar el caso más oscuro al que se ha enfrentado jamás.


Holly Gibney, one of Stephen King’s most compelling and ingeniously resourceful characters, returns in this thrilling novel to solve the gruesome truth behind multiple disappearances in a midwestern town.

“Sometimes the universe throws you a rope.”BILL HODGES

Listed as one of The New York Times’ Notable Fiction Books of 2023

Stephen King’s Holly marks the triumphant return of beloved King character Holly Gibney. Audiences have witnessed Holly’s gradual transformation from a shy (but also brave and ethical) recluse in Mr. Mercedes to Bill Hodges’s partner in Finders Keepers to a full-fledged, smart, and occasionally tough private detective in The Outsider. In King’s new novel, Holly is on her own, and up against a pair of unimaginably depraved and brilliantly disguised adversaries.

When Penny Dahl calls the Finders Keepers detective agency hoping for help locating her missing daughter, Holly is reluctant to accept the case. Her partner, Pete, has Covid. Her (very complicated) mother has just died. And Holly is meant to be on leave. But something in Penny Dahl’s desperate voice makes it impossible for Holly to turn her down.

Mere blocks from where Bonnie Dahl disappeared live Professors Rodney and Emily Harris. They are the picture of bourgeois respectability: married octogenarians, devoted to each other, and semi-retired lifelong academics. But they are harboring an unholy secret in the basement of their well-kept, book-lined home, one that may be related to Bonnie’s disappearance. And it will prove nearly impossible to discover what they are up to: they are savvy, they are patient, and they are ruthless.

Holly must summon all her formidable talents to outthink and outmaneuver the shockingly twisted professors in this chilling new masterwork from Stephen King.

“I could never let Holly Gibney go. She was supposed to be a walk-on character in Mr. Mercedes and she just kind of stole the book and stole my heart. Holly is all her.”STEPHEN KING

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